“CrossFit VisOne is a team of committed, enthusiastic trainers that have come together to administer the CrossFit program exactly as it is intended. The incentive provided are by design, constantly varied, functional movements, performed at a high intensity. Our Specialty is not specializing and our goal is constant progress. The atmosphere is welcoming and one of support and camaraderie to anyone seeking elite physical fitness.”


Brandon Pastorek


Brandon Pastorek holds Level 1 CrossFit certification, USAW Sports Performance Certification, OPEX Level 1 Life Coaching, OPEX Level 1 Assessment, OPEX level 1 Program Design and has been training for eight years. He’s completed additional CrossFit advance courses in Endurance, CrossFit Kids, and Olympic Lifting, as well as attended a CrossFit Gymnastics education seminar. A serious CrossFit competitor and A Professional Grid athlete, Brandon has achieved impressive results on both the individual and team level:




  • 2014 Phoenix Rise First season of the NPGL
  • 2014 CrossFit North Central Regional’s placed 11th Men’s Individual
  • 2013 CrossFit North Central Regional’s placed 5th Men’s Individual
  • 2012 CrossFit North Central Regional’s placed 4th Men’s Individual
  • 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games placed 21st Men’s Individual
  • 2011 CrossFit North Central Regional’s placed 1st Men’s Individual
  • 2010 CrossFit Games, member 9th place Team
  • 2009 CrossFit Games placed 27th Men’s Individual




While CrossFit powers his own performance playing football, basketball, and mountain biking, Brandon believes the program allows everyone the opportunity to be as fit and healthy as possible. “As a trainer, it’s really satisfying to watch clients using the CrossFit methodology and achieve things they never thought they could,” he explains.








Tosha Pastorek


Tosha Pastorek has been a fitness professional for Fifteen years as both an instructor and in management. She holds NSCA and AFFA certification with experience as personal trainer and leading group fitness classes in kick boxing, group Power, stability ball, cycling, boot camp, yoga, BOSU and more.




Tosha’s introduction to CrossFit in 2009 however proved life changing. She initially became involved as a hobby and in short time grew to appreciate the benefits of the functional movements the program incorporates. Totosha2sha was impressed with how quickly her strength grew and how practicing CrossFit made her a better fitness professional so she committed to the program full time. Her passion grew even stronger when she began participating in CrossFit comp
etitions and in 2010 she was a member of the Rockford team at the CrossFit Games. In the 2011 CrossFit North Central Regional’s Tosha placed 12th in Women’s Individual’s.

Tosha is eager to help others reach their potential and shares, “I truly believe in CrossFit and I can’t wait to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with members of our community as a CrossFit VisOne coach!”


Joe Flynn




Joe Flynn has his Level I CrossFit certification and has been training since late 2011. Joe first discovered CrossFit while studying at Illinois State University. He began using the methodology for his workouts and has not looked back since. After a couple of years on his own, he realized he had plateaued and needed more formal coaching. Since joining CrossFit VisOne he has seen, and is still seeing, numerous gains. “After joining Vis, I realized how much the community and working out with others really impacts me. I can never go back to a normal gym again.” Joe also participated in the 2012 Open and the 2012 CrossFit North Central Regionals as a Vis Team member.

Outside of Vis, Joe loves spending time with his Wife, family, and friends. He is also a Physical Education Teacher at Winnebago Middle School and coaches both high school wrestling and middle school soccer.




Nate Thorn




Nathan Thorn has been a Level I CrossFit Trainer since the spring of 2016. He started CrossFit thanks to one of his fellow VisOne Coaches, who introduced CrossFit at Winnebago High School in order to help him and his fellow athletes get stronger and prepare for the football season. They won conference. Nathan was captain of his football team his senior season. He loved the high intensity workouts during the CrossFit Football program and was amazed by the results on the field.

Nate has previously coached middle school football and baseball teams. Upon joining VisOne, he started training under his great coaches and mentors, Tosha and Brandon. Nate is a reliable coach who is willing to open the gym whenever needed. You’ll find him somewhat bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:30 a.m. classes. Nate is always wiling to answer questions and to assist members in achieving their fitness goals. His positive attitude is contagious, especially during a tough work out. He continues to progress in his own fitness journey while helping others continue or start their own. As a coach, Nate will encourage and push you in a WOD, but he is always mindful to scale to individual needs in order to ensure proper form and crisp fundamental movements.

Nate has served as a Cavalry Scout with the Illinois National Guard since 2014. He plans to continue his military career while he pursues a career in fitness and studies fire science. Nate plans to eventually become a firefighter. Nate has competed in the CrossFit Open, local competitions, and VisOne competitions. He is eager to learn more about fitness and apply his knowledge to his coaching. To date, Nate’s biggest fitness accomplishment is beating  Coach Brandon once in a workout.



Elliot Ganet


photoElliot Ganet has recently been added to our staff at CrossFit VisOne. He received his Level 1 CrossFit Certificate as well as USAW sports performance Certification. He has an athletic background in baseball and football. He played baseball at Southeastern Illinois College in Harrisburg, IL before transferring to Illinois State University. The summer before his senior year he was introduced to CrossFit and has never looked back. He has now been doing CrossFit for 3 years. Besides training and coaching Elliot is a Teacher of the Visually Impaired and teaches students elementary through high school. He coaches middle school football and has been an IHSA Baseball Official for 5 years. Elliot has a strong passion for rules and standards on the diamond and in the gym and has no trouble “no repping” an athlete. He is new to Rockford and has loved the camaraderie and people  of CrossFit VisOne that have embraced him so well.