CrossFit VisOne

7326 Cherry Vale Mall Drive
Cherry Valley, IL 61112
Phone 815-580-8239

* Across from Sears and Cherry Vale Mall  next to Lets Learn and Pet Land

Driving directions:

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  1. Dan Parrish

    My name is Dan Parrish. I worked with one of your members, Paul Funnell, for a few years and we have kept in touch. We both do crossfit, so I have heard a good amount about Visone.

    The purpose of me reaching out is that I know Brandon has used OPEX remote coaching. I was wondering if he would have a couple minutes to talk about his experiences with it. I would be sure to write out questions beforehand so I could take as little time as possible. If it works for you, just let me know day and time and I will call the gym.

    Either way, thanks for taking the time to read. Have a great week.

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