weightsWhether you’re a committed CrossFit competitor or fresh on the floor, its easy to get confused with the terminology. This CrossFit dictionary will help you learn common terms and acronyms.

AMRAMP: As Many Rounds (or Reps) as Possible.

BS: Back Squat

BW: Body Weight

C2B: Chest to Bar

CF: CrossFit

CLN: Clean

C/J: Clean and Jerk

DL: Deadlift

DUB: Double Unders

EMOM: Every Minute on the Minute

ME: Max Effort

FS: Front Squat

HC: Hang Clean

HPC: Hang Power Clean

HSPU: Handstand push up

HSC: Hang Squat Clean

KB: Kettlebell

KBS: Kettlebell Swing

MU: Muscle Ups

OHS: Overhead Squat

PC: Power Clean

PR: Personal Record

PP: Push Jerk

PSN: Power Snatch

PU: Pull ups

Rep: Repetition

Rx: Recommended or as prescribed

1RM (or 2RM, 3RM, ect): Repetition Maximum. 1RM = max lift for one rep.

SC: Squat Clean

SDHP: Sumo Deadlift High-Pull

Set: Number of repetitions

SN: Snatch

SQ: Squat

T2B (or TTB): Toes-to-bar

TABATA Interval (or TABATA): A workout of 8 intervals alternating 20 seconds of max repetitions with 10 seconds of rest. Total is 4 minutes per exercise. The lowest interval rep is counted to your score unless otherwise stated.

The “Girls:” A series of workouts created by CrossFit Headquarters and given women’s names such as “Fran” or “Cindy.”

The “Heroes:” A tribute workout in honor of a fallen Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, Firefighter, or Police officer who died in the line of duty.

W/O: Workout

WOD: Workout of the Day