Classes are limited in size. Register online to attend sessions by clicking on the RSVP tab.

Personal Training- With Personal training you are able to set your own time and schedule with one of CrossFit VisOne’s highly qualified coaches. This option also allows for much more individualized coaching and attention. Email us at or call 815-580-8239 to set up your Free consultation.

Individual Programming-This program is designed for those individuals wanting a more specialized training regiment for their individual goals and needs. This program will also assist in preparing those athletes competing in for which ever their sport might be. Email us to set up a FREE consultation

Foundations Program-Foundations is a prerequisite for all those wanting to start CrossFit Group Classes. This program consist of a Movement Analysis, Physical assessment and instruction of the foundational CrossFit movements. Schedule you appointment today.

WOD- CrossFit Classes where a coach will lead the Group through a specific dynamic warm up, strength exercise, followed by a CrossFit Workout, and ending with a Cool Down. Each Day is constantly varied by design to ensure constant results.

VisFit- 6 week basic beginner program designed to jump start your fitness journey. Personal Training, Accountability, and Unlimited Nutritional Support. Contact us today!

LivelyFit- A fun, energizing program to help 50+ Adults take back their life and health by encouraging activity and fitness in a community for success.

Advance Performance Program-For those athletes looking to compete in the sport of fitness. Our Advance Performance Program is designed to help athletes prepare for elements likely to be contested in the sport of fitness, as well as prepare them to be as adept and well-rounded as possible to excel in unknown elements of our growing sport.

Barbell Club- offered Monday and Wednesday nights from 6:30pm-7:30pm. Barbell Club primarily focuses on the proper technique for Olympic lifts as well as strength accessory work to become a strong and more explosive You. * You do not have to be a VisOne Member to participate in these Classes. Those individuals must pay A La Carte rate.